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Secure Your Income and Protect Your Future with ASDA’s Income Protection Insurance

We understand the importance of safeguarding your income and ensuring financial stability for you and your loved ones.

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With our comprehensive income protection insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your income is protected in the face of unexpected illness, injury, or disability. Explore the key features, benefits, and advantages of Aviva’s income protection insurance to make an informed decision that secures your financial future.

Section 1: Why Choose Aviva’s Income Protection Insurance?

  • Ensure financial security during times of illness, injury, or disability
  • Protect your lifestyle and maintain your standard of living
  • Receive regular monthly benefit payments to cover essential expenses
  • Access to additional features and riders to enhance your coverage
  • Benefit from Aviva’s trusted reputation and expertise in insurance solutions

Section 2: Key Features of Aviva’s Income Protection Insurance

2.1 Flexible Coverage Options:

  • Choose a benefit amount that aligns with your financial needs and obligations
  • Select a waiting period that suits your preferences and circumstances
  • Determine the benefit period that provides the desired level of protection

2.2 Comprehensive Coverage:

  • Extensive protection for a wide range of illnesses, injuries, and disabilities
  • Short-term and long-term incapacity coverage options available
  • Additional features and riders to customize your policy

2.3 Personalized Premiums:

  • Tailor your income protection insurance to fit your budget and financial goals
  • Competitive premiums based on your specific coverage and risk factors
  • Flexible payment options to suit your financial situation

Section 3: Benefits of Aviva’s Income Protection Insurance

3.1 Income Security:

  • Receive a regular monthly benefit payment when you are unable to work due to a covered illness, injury, or disability
  • Maintain financial stability and cover essential expenses such as mortgage or rent, bills, and daily living costs

3.2 Rehabilitation Support:

  • Access to rehabilitation support services designed to aid your recovery and facilitate a smooth return to work
  • Benefit from specialized programs and resources tailored to your specific needs

3.3 Worldwide Coverage:

  • Enjoy coverage wherever you are in the world, ensuring protection even when you travel or live abroad
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are protected regardless of your location

3.4 Tax Considerations:

  • Income protection insurance premiums may be tax-deductible, reducing your overall tax liability
  • Consult with a tax advisor to understand the specific tax implications in your jurisdiction

Section 4: How to Apply for Aviva’s Income Protection Insurance

4.1 Simple Application Process:

  • Complete the online application form at your convenience
  • Provide accurate and relevant information to ensure a smooth underwriting process
  • Benefit from a straightforward application process designed to save you time and effort

4.2 Efficient Underwriting and Approval:

  • Timely review of your application and assessment of the risk
  • Additional information or medical examinations may be requested if needed
  • Streamlined approval process to get you the coverage you need

Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

5.1 Who is eligible for Aviva’s Income Protection Insurance?

  • Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally include age and employment status

5.2 Can I customize my coverage amount and waiting period?

  • Yes, Aviva offers customizable coverage options to align with your specific needs

5.3 Can I add additional features or riders to my policy?

  • Yes, Aviva provides additional features and riders to enhance your income protection coverage

5.4 What factors affect the premium amount?

  • Premiums are based on factors such as age, occupation, benefit amount, waiting period, and overall risk assessment

Section 6: Why Choose Aviva for Income Protection Insurance?

  • Trusted and reputable insurance provider with a global presence
  • Expertise in providing comprehensive protection solutions
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering personalized service
  • Strong reputation for reliability and financial stability
  • Dedicated customer support to assist you at every step of the process

Helping you make sound
financial decisions

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Losing a loved one is never easy…

but having life insurance in place can ease the financial burden at an emotionally difficult time. Our team of protection specialists can help you find the RIGHT policy at the RIGHT price. We even help you put your policy into TRUST for FREE which could protect it from the TAXMAN. Simply fill out the form and we will get everything ready and start preparing your quotes.

Ask Yourself:

  • Who would pay the rent or mortgage if you were to pass away suddenly?
  • Who would pay your children’s university fees or provide money for childcare whilst your surviving partner goes out to work?
  • Who would provide the money for your family’s food, clothing or lifestyle?
  • Who would pay for your funeral or clear your debts?

These are just a few things to think about when obtaining life insurance. If you pass away the policy will pay out a lump sum to your family, loved ones or whomever you choose to get the money. This can be used to secure the financial future of your loved ones meaning they would not have to struggle in the event of your death.

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We Provide Complete Cover For:

Life Insurance

Make sure your family have financial security in the event of your passing…

Income Protection

Protect your income if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury…

Critical Illness

Get a lump sum payment if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whose Products Do We Sell?
  • We offer products from a range of insurers for life insurance and critical illness cover.
  • We offer protection products from a limited number of insurers for Whole of Life and Over 50s plans. A list of insurers we offer insurance from is available on request.
  • As we’re not tied to any ONE provider we are able to search our panel of insurers and find you the best price available to us.
  • We sometimes get preferential rates on selling policies which we pass on to you.
  • We are paid a commission by each insurer for setting up your policy – it costs you nothing to use our service.
What Service Do We Offer?
  • We are authorised by the FCA to advise our client on their protection needs. Our advisers will assess your demands and needs and recommend a suitable product that will protect you and your family. We get to know our clients and help them to decide on the right cover for the right price from a panel of leading UK insurers.
  • We will ask you a number of questions designed to make you think about the shortfall in your income in the event of the death of a partner or breadwinner. Our questions are simple and our advisers avoid jargon making it easy for clients to understand.
How Much Does Our Service Cost?
  • NOTHING – We do not charge a fee for our service; however, if you take a policy out through us we will be paid by commission from the insurer, but it still costs you nothing.
  • You will receive a quotation which will tell you about any policy premiums relating to any particular insurance policy.
  • We will put your life insurance policy into TRUST for FREE – this means that it may not be counted as part of your estate when you pass away and could secure it from the taxman – why should you lose your payout to the taxman’s inheritance tax?